Who Are We?

The RPI Drone Club was founded in the fall of 2017. We consist of students from a variety of disciplines, skills, and class years. The Drone Club seeks to embody the seriously cool drone industry, and provide its members with the relevant technical skills to take advantage of it. This includes building everything from micro racers to large project drones, and teaching members the core principals of designing, building, programming, and flying a drone with no prior experience. Our club is officially a MANE department and School of Engineering-funded organization, chartered with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), and a qualifying member of the Collegiate Drone Racing Association. Come join us and learn more about what we do in our Discord channel.

"For the battle against gravity!"

Meetings: In-person meetings have resumed. Join us!

Please join our Discord Channel for the most up-to-date meeting times, locations, and general information that develops about our club. Contact us to receive a Discord invite or to be added to our email list.

We hold meetings every semester in Ricketts 316. More details on specific scheduling and announcements can be found within our Discord channel.

What Are We Looking For ?

We're looking for engineers & leaders from all majors to assist with the growth of the club. This includes filling prior officer positions (Vice President, Safety, Manufacturing) as well as adding new roles. These additional roles currently include pilots for our competitions, website developers, funding and outreach coordinators, media and design officers, drone photographers, computer science majors, and other project leaders. Please come by any of our meetings for more information on these roles.

Our Leadership

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Dan Kazenoff


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Nolan Waterman

Vice President

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Siddharth Suri

Piloting Officer

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Adhikara Budhyhartono

Manufacturing Officer

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Greg Cowan

Safety Officer

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Colin Hamilton

Technical Officer

Our Members

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Want to Join Us?

Send us a quick message! If you don't hear back, email officers Andrew Kazmer or Adam jin.

Donate to the Club

All donations fund our club directly, and help us cover costs not currently supported by the school. The button below redirects to our PayPal money pool.